Monday, September 1, 2008

Sick Sad Little World...

Living in the middle is hard you know. At one time u feel that u r all alone in this world, nobody seems to care and no one around u anymore. Then there will be time when u feel like everybody needs damn need u! By that time u will feel that the world is moving around u and u don't have to walk coz everything will come across u while it's moving. Then it will stop again, and u have to walk or run or swim or fly or whatever to keep ur point of view of "things are moving".

This is me i think. I walk thru people every now and then. Some of them might recognize me and some might not. I see their lives like reading a storybook or comics or journals. Sometimes in this journey, people would call me for help or just wanna have a chat or wanna make friends temporarily. I'm ok with it coz at least i can take a little rest and let the world moving around me for a while....and after that it just goes on and on...the world will stop moving and i will walk again until the next call.

If let's say i can be the 8th of The Endless, what name should i bear?


äíŋìŝ äżŗėėŋ said...

buddy, life is full of ups and downs. there are mixture of goods and bads inside us all. all are to be expected in life, but that doesnt make you fall down any easier. let the bads forgiven, and the goods be remembered. cheers!

Fatimahzahra said...

yeah i feel like that too sometimes, and i enjoy it.anyway,whats the 8th of the endless?