Monday, September 1, 2008


A year without blogging. Yeah I know, it's been a while (cliche statement when someone left blogging for a damn long time).

In conjunction with Butterfingers latest album called KEMBALI, I would like to dedicate this post as a 'KEMBALI' post. A come back which conclude everything that has happened throughout a year of no-post-syndrome. Let's KEMBALI to my tagline above:

  • It seems good. I've been graduated recently and just finished my convocation ceremony. I've got a job in Vastalux Energy Berhad (Formerly known as Vastalux Sdn Bhd).
  • Music is still being a major part of me. But lately I've seldomly played my guitar much maybe because of my buzy-ness working and came home late and then get tired. The industry have seen a quite drastic changes with all the so-called 'indie' bands popping out from everywhere! Whenever i went to gigs, the crowds are not the same as before anymore. The generation has changed. We'll talk about this changes later ok...ehehe
  • Political wise, we're paving our way to Putrajaya soon InsyaAllah. I love living in the countr which is full of surprises. It's like living in a circus, watching those clowns performing and expecting many surprises which are surely will happen. This is...MY country recently.
  • Thank God it has been a wonderful experience. Just let it go when the time was right.
  • It's good to know that some of us are already married, engaged and (ehem ehem) waiting for a newborn baby! Alhamdulillah, hidup makin sempurna.
  • For those who recently found their loved ones, spread the message to the whole world! Let the love be a gigantic MIRROR to the world! Give them the reflection of love!
  • .....................buffering..........................
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Let's not talk too much here. This is just a KEMBALI post. Just a brief new intro for a new season. Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

Kembali kepada selamanya
Kini ku baru sedar dari mimpi
Kembali kepada petak pertama
Ku mahu hidup seribu tahun lagi

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