Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rock The World 7

Peace be upon you and hello...

Rock The World 7 has just finished...3 stages in one stadium...50 performances...and about 30,000 (or more) crowds!! it was the biggest concert ever done!! music lovers from all over country came down to Stadium Merdeka yesterday for the sake of music, for the sake of entertainment, for the sake of being so bored back home....whatever it is...Rock The World 7 was seriously a blast!!

I can't give you a a complete report about all the bands yesterday coz there are 3 stages and i can only be at one place at one time. But briefly, it started around 3.30pm, i was at the main stage watching Tempered Mental and in the middle of the show i moved to Indie Stage and watch Y2K there. It's just like that, moving here and there. At last i get to watch performing at Rock The World. I still remember when i first met them, i asked Ajin (Guitarist) "Apsal x main kat rock the world?"...and he said "Tu la..blom sampai mase lg kot"....hahahaha...and it all paid yesterday. KUDOS to Brainhead!! Others most awaited act was Infectious Maggots and Koffin Kanser. It's been so long since i watch Koffin Kanser performing live. And i never watch Infectious Maggots before, i only read bout them back when i was at secondary school...and truly...they just like what i read...a very tight hardcore set!! double-pedal cam peluru!!

The sound system...hmm...i would say the best was at Indie all mixed well. The Main Stage had the most poor sound system. I don't know why but there was like a soft barrier that wrap the sound from coming out. So sad when Love Me Butch had to play with such sound...Meng's guitar dengar sket2 je!! Not enough energy to boost la!! But anyway...i entered the mosh-pit when LMB's playing and Kapal raised me up to the air...let me sit on his shoulder so i was like on top of the world!! hahahaha thanx dude!! Even there were 3 performances on the same time, the sound didn't mix with each other, so if you're at the Discovery Stage, you won't hear other stages' sound when you have a band performing right in front of u.

The magic about RTW is that even if you go there all alone, u might meet someone that u know!! Seriously dude...i've been to Rock The World for years and i met lots of people, and we still know each other till now. But it's not like fren-fren things la. It's just for the sake of music! hahaha...oh yea i met Emmett (Butterfingers), he went there all alone without Terrina, and we gave flyers to the crowd. Rock The World is definitely the benchmark when it comes to local music scene. People gathered just for the sake of music. Don't care if you're metalheads, punkheads, skankin, raggamufins, skinheads...we're all bonded together...No Boundaries! Under One Flag We Stand!!

I would like to express my heartful gratitudes to all the bands and organizer for such a wonderful event. A big THANK YOU to Matlut for picking me up at KL Sentral, to Kapal for his hospitality, to Evert and all UNITEN students for being there, to Jalal, Jeri, Pok Chat for being there also, to Sabti, Peja and his gf for accompanying me a lot throughout the concert, to all the music lovers for taking part and share our passion together, and lastly, to all of u who read this blog...heheheh...UNITE!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Assalamualaikum....and good's 0827hr and i've already wake up....waiting for my class at 1100.

First thing first...about the hottest film in town now...CINTA....i've watched it 2 times....on sunday 10 Dec and tuesday 12 Dec...komen??.....hmmmm.....i dare not to giv any comments la coz u can see it for yourself kan....betapa movie tu dpt sambutan...everyday sure ramai gile or SOLD OUT!! so??? for those yang x tgk lg tuh...what r u waiting for?? pergi lah menonton bersama yang tersayang....x kesah la makwe, pakwe, member2, adik, kakak, abang, adik ipar, ex-gf, ex-bf, long lost love, mak, bapak, atuk, nenek, sume bole!!! hahhahahhah...seriusli worth it!!

Thanx to Beha for spending ur time wif me on 12 was a perfect day!
Thanx to Kema, Intan, Kumei for ur time on 10 Dec...
Thanx to Azam sbb bagi pinjam keta...serius beb i owe u big one!!

Here's a latest buzz for u all....kpd semua peminat BUTTERFINGERS...nantikan kemunculan mereka pada 6 Januari 2007 utk sesi unplugged....dan 13 Januari 2007 utk Butter Worth Pushful Showcase....lokasi dan maklumat2 lain tu akan diberitahu be prepared!!

Rock The World 7 is just around the corner...lagi 3 hari i'll be reviewing about the event in my next post here....til then...bye!

"Kalau kita nak....mesti ada cara kan?"
Petikan daripada filem CINTA

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I've just finished reading The Sandman Vol. 5 : A Game Of You. The story about Barbie n her dreams, the evil Cuckoo, Barbie's companions, weird creatures, weird dreams...huh...everything is just weird in sandman.

Went out to meet Aniese today, she got a new baby sister. Asha Zahra if i'm not mistaken. A very cute baby girl, but quite small. We talked n talked for bout an hour there. Me, Beha, Lee,n Jaa.

I told my parents bout my result, GPA 2.18. Well, of course it's not an excellent one but they (my parents) react like i've won a gold medal or sumthin. What a big surprise though...

For a while i sat n thought, how dreams can change our world. Dream is like an infinite world where you can travel beyond impossibilities, some called it imagination, i called it a realm. It is in dream where you can learn bout life. It is in dream where you will know how to appreciate something. Considering both bad dreams (or some called it nightmares) or good dreams (or sweet dreams?).

Can you ever imagine a world without dreams? How can we appreciate delight if there is no delirium? How can we own a car if we haven't dream of having it? How can we value the taste of winning if we never had a dream of it, or mayb, if we always had nightmares of losing or being a total loser?

My parents appreciated my result so much just because they already had nightmares of me getting really bad grades. I gave it to them, the nightmares, the bad dreams. I love someone-you-know-who-you-are because she's my dream, that drove me hope. My friend Aniese are so proud of having a baby sister, because it's one of her dream to get another one.

So can you imagine a world without it? Kept dreaming and you'll find it, somewhere in you...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Butterfingers 1.2miligrams Showcase : DAY 2 (26 Nov 2006)

Untuk hari ke-2 kejadian..aku tiba agak lewat drpd time yg tertera di ternyata x undangan pada hari tu (Kapal Selam) lewat buat aku pegi...jumpe Din, Kapal n the band, pastuh g salin baju (pakai baju rasmi gig tuh) then amik tag CREW....trus lepak depan pintu masuk....hahahaha....kene kerja la beb!!

Takde ape sangat yang aku nk type tentang second day nih...setlist ade la berubah a few songs (byk la jugak actually)....actually bukan xde ape utk ditaip...cuma byk sangat sampai aku xleh nk susun dalam ayat yg aku bagi dlm point form je la ek...randomly :

- show start crowd x patah smangat...ramai gile!! lg ramai drpd ari seblom tu!!
- aku jaga pintu jap...pastuh masuk g lepak tepi drum
- pada pertengahan show...air Coke diorang abes...akuuuu la jugak yg kena g tambah (malang btul dok tepi drummer nih...sume barang kat tepi die)
- pada pertengahan show jugak...pick gitar Emmett patah...pastuh die mintak pick aku...tukar ngan pick patah die tuh...uwaaaaaaa!!! abes pick gua baru takpe...janji Emmett yg pakai...hahahahaha
- Kalai (drummer) mintak RM20 sbb aku sebat air Coke die...siot lu Kalai!!!
- Parents n adik pompuan Loque datang bagi support...bagus btul la parent die nih...anak takde kat sini pun still bg support kat band anak die...patut pun anak main muzik hebat gile!!
- Actually mase 1st day, wayar adapter efek Emmett putus!! crowd menggila!! so arinih Bob ditugaskan utk kawal crowd...hahaha...padan muke lu Bob...ari sabtu tu sedap je dok gelak kat aku....hahahahaha
- Arini xde photo session....abes je show...crowd ramai2 naik stage nk bergambar ngan Butterfingers...seriusli x terkawal!!
- Kalai x dpt tangkap drum beat lagu Cuai (actually lagu tu takde dlm setlist...saje je Emmett main)....ending tu sket baru die dpt....hahahahah
- Loque akan balik krismas nih....n mayb diorang akan buat show lagi sekitar Januari taun depan...Emmett u better not to make it ujung taun la!! aku balik kampung!!
- Rupanya Kalai tu stadi kat US dulu...aku ingatkan New Zealand...die ckp kat aku "Kalo aku stadi NZ takde la aku main drum...aku main ngan kambing la"...hahahaha...ape ape aje

hmmm....nanti aku post gambar2 n setting gitar Butterfingers n all that...overall....gig ni memang the best i ever had!! KUDOS to Butterfingers!!

Butterfingers 1.2miligrams Showcase : DAY 1 (25 Nov 2006)

Sori...repot aku lewat here it goes :

6.45 : pintu bukak...aku dah lame beratur b4 dat...sib baik boss besar (Ugly) bagi masuk cepat2 (thanx bro!)

7.30 : Kluk-Kluk-Adventure start main...line up utk mlm tu adalah seperti berikut :

Keeta : Vokal
Ajib : Kibod
Duan (SCTS) : Gitar
Congo : Bass
Lin : Deram

sori aku x sempat nk amik setlist diorang main kejap je...sambung trus song by song...bak kata keeta "semua dah x sabar nk tgk Butterfingers perform"...hahahahah

8.30 : Butterfingers naik stage!! aku kat depan skali...kanan skali....depan Kadak (Bassist)...crowd dh jadi gile...aku mmg xleh buat ape...tahan je diorang...sambil headbang sampai nk mampos (sib baik x mampos..Alhamdulillah)....n the rest is history...setlist mlm tu :

Naive Sick Chasm
Suddenly (Alt. Version beb!!)
Jump N Dive
In The Calm
Wet Blanket
Royal Jelly
Silk (Alt. Version jugak!!)
Nicc 'o tynne
Fire Is A Curse
Garden City Of Lights

10.00 : Abesss....sesi bergambar n soal jawab diadakan

....kesimpulan utk Day 1....aku balik bermandi peluh...mcm main phutsal!!! bessttt!! (xde pekataan yg lagi bagus drpd best??)...stakat tu je...jumpe kalian di hari ke-2

Monday, November 20, 2006


Bapaku pulang dari kota
Bapaku belikan kereta
Kereta kecil warna merah
Boleh kubawa ke sekolah

Pon pon pon pon
pon pon pon pon

Kereta kecilku berbunyi

Marilah adik mari naik

Boleh kubawa jumpa nenek...

Pasti kalian pernah mendengar lagu itu dinyanyikan...atau kalian sendiri pasti sudah biasa nyanyikannya ketika kecil dahulu..sewaktu tadika...itulah lagu yang meniti di bibir setiap daripada kita. Tapi pernahkah anda terfikir siapa pencipta lirik dan lagu nya?? Saya telah berusaha mencari jawapan bagi persoalan ini tetapi masih belum berjaya. Mungkin ada antara kalian yang kenal atau ada pertalian darah dengan pencipta lagu tersebut?? Sila beri komen jika ada, ini homework untuk kalian semua...hehehehe (cuti2 ni best gak buat mende camnih)


Seperti yang dijanjikan, saya akan mengutarakan isu Grunge dalam post kali nih. So sit back and read carefully...

Grunge; Apa itu Grunge?? Seringkali kita terdengar perkataan ini disebut2 sama ada di peringkat budak sekolah rendah, sekolah menengah, universiti, orang kerja,
orang takde kerja, semua pasti pernah terserempak atau terlibat dalam ape yang dikatakan Grunge. Tapi yang menjadi persoalan ialah apabila disoal, lain pula jawapan nya. Ada yang terus mengatakan "Grunge tu Kurt Cobain la!"...ada pula yang berpendapat "Grunge tu budaya negatif, dadah, arak". Jadi ape sebenarnya Grunge??

Grunge berasal dari Seattle, sebuah bandar di Barat Laut AS. Pada tahun 1970an dan 80an, muzik heavy metal dan glam rock amat kuat pengaruh di AS. Band2 seperti Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Queen, Black Sabbath, semua ini boleh dikatakan antara nama besar dalam scene muzik AS ketika itu. Ketika scene metal sedang melonjak naik,
Punk juga sedang mengumpul pengaruhnya di AS. Punk berasal dari British melalui band seperti Sex Pistols, Rancid etc...baiklah, kita hentikan cerita tentang Punk, nanti melalut plak.

Jika dilihat daripada perkembangan muzik Seattle di atas, tidak salah untuk kita katakan yang Grunge adalah gabungan daripada kedua-dua genre muzik met
al dan punk. Grunge itu RAW, mentah, kotor. Tapi jangan salah anggap, itu hanyalah terma muzik nya sahaja (walaupun ramai pioneer grunge mmg macam tu)...hahahaha....cuba anda bayangkan gabungan antara riff gitar yang berat daripada muzik metal...cuma lebih bingit (kurang Gain, kuat Treble)...dan dimainkan dengan tempo yg sedikit perlahan daripada muzik metal (seperti punk)...itulah muzik least...pada awalnya. Liriknya berkisarkan tekanan perasaan, kehidupan masyarakat, sosial dan lain2. Berbeza daripada punk yang sering bercerita tentang kebebasan mutlak, penentangan, pemberontakan...grunge lebih versatile stail muziknya...tidak terikat dengan apa2 jenisan...mahupun rock bingit atau akustik...selagi ianya raw...dengan bunyi gitar yang kadang2 disusuli bunyi feedback amplifier...itulah Grunge.

Grunge bukan sekadar muzik semata2, ia merupakan state of mind...meliputi fesyen, view of life, muzik....pendek kata semua mesti grunge lah! ! Baju lusuh (bundle laaa...), kasut kanvas (converse? jack parcel?), rambut serabai, jeans koyak sket2....itulah fesyen para Grungies pada awalnya (skang pun ade lagi). Tapi jangan disamakan grunge dengan punk atau metal...punk ade dresscode tertentu mengikut fahaman mereka...ade falsafah tertentu...metal pula ketika itu mesti dark, mesti rambut panjang gile....glam rock toksah cite la...baju nampak dada luas, seluar ketat, rambut mengerbang, lagi glam-rock kan...glamour!!

Pengasas Grunge?? hmm...susah untuk saya katakan disini...tapi ape yg saya tahu, orang pertama yang menggunakan terma Grunge ialah Mark Arm, vokalis band Green River (kemudian Mudhoney) ketika mendifinisikan muzik bandnya sebagai "pure grunge, pure shit!". Dari saat itu, media telah melabelkan semua band yang muziknya agak2 sama dengan Green River sebagai GRUNGE. Ada yang melabelkan Neil Young, bekas anggota Pearl Jam (masih ingat lagu Keep On Rockin' In A Free World??) sebagai The Godfather Of Grunge kerana kekerapannya menggunakan distortion gitar dan hasil kerjanya bersama band lama Crazy Horse.

Awal 90an; Grunge masuk mainstream! Inilah saatnya dunia mengenali Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden,The Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney dan banyak lagi!! Grunge sudah mula menular keluar daripada kepompong S
eattle dan pelbagai festival muzik seperti Lollapalooza telah diadakan sempena 'demam' Grunge!! Cuba anda dengar lagu2 band di atas, pasti anda akan berkata "Yang mana satu grunge ni? Semua lain2"...hahahaha....tapi jika diamati ciri2 yang telah saya berikan sebelum ini, pasti anda akan jumpa persamaannya. MTV telah mula menayangkan video2 klip band grunge seperti Soundgarden dan Nirvana. Label2 besar telah berani untuk mempertaruhkan band2 ini di arus perdana dunia. Ketika ini kita dapat menyaksikan zaman kemuncak grunge, yang telah menenggelamkan metal (yes..even Metallica pun susah nk cari makan lepas Black Album!!) dan muzik2 lain.

Kematian Kurt Cobain pada 1994 telah memberi impak ya
ng besar kepada scene grunge dunia. Ini diikuti dengan berita kematian Kristen Pfaff (Hole) dan sebelum itu, pada 1990, Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone) telah meninggal dunia yang membawa kepada pembubaran band tersebut. Semua kes kematian disebabkan overdose Heroin. Ini telah memberi tamparan yang hebat kepada scene Grunge. Mereka dilabel sebagai penagih dadah dan golongan yang tak bermoral. Tahun 1996 telah menyaksikan banyak band grunge berkubur. Pearl Jam dengan album terakhirnya No Code, Alice In Chains membuat persembahan terakhir bersama vokalisnya Layne Staley (yang meninggal dunia pada tahun 2000 juga kerana heroin), Soundgarden dan The Screaming Trees turut merilis album studio terakhir mereka. Nirvana juga telah merilis album live mereka From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah yang merupakan rilisan terakhir mereka sebelum menyepi selamanya. Itulah tahun terakhir yang menyaksikan otai2 grunge dunia bergiat dalam scene muzik. Grunge telah mati (Grunge is Dead) dengan meninggalkan 'anak2' nya; Alternative dan Post-Grunge yang lebih radio-friendly muziknya (Creed, Nickelback)..sekadar menyebut beberapa nama.

Sekarang di Malaysia sendiri telah banyak band yang lahir daripada demam Grunge. Butterfingers ialah nama besar yang tak harus disingkirkan daripada proses evolusi ini. Cuma lama kelamaan mereka 'dituduh' telah lari daripada asal usul mereka...Grunge. Tapi jika dilihat definisi Grunge itu sendiri sebagai sesuatu yang raw...mentah...unpolished...Butterfingers still got it right! Sukar untuk saya bercerita mengenai scene grunge di Malaysia kerana usia ketika itu baru setahun jagung (darjah 5...darjah 6 camtuh). Tetapi yang pasti, ramai anak2 muda sekarang yang 'Grunge'-nya hanya sekadar ucapan. Mereka tidak tahu asal usul dan root asal muzik itu (masih ada budak skolah yang mengeja Grunge sebag
ai Grunch! hahaha). Sedarlah bangsaku...

Di bawah ini saya sertakan riwayat hidup Grunge. Hijau un
tuk band yang telah pupus. Oren untuk band yang masih aktif. Kelabu untuk band yang agak2 akan aktif untuk 2-3 taun lagi.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Sky Is Falling...

It's a sunny Wednesday...nice weather outside (i must enjoy this sunshine b4 the whole sky is covered by's monsoon season)

well...come to think bout music...bout the scene...i must admit that we're all here are much lack behind from others...or should i say...outsiders...let's make a little comparison with Europe shall we :

Architecture - lack 20 years
Movies - lack 10 years or more
Music ??? well..let's not compare it with Europe...just take Indonesia as another body...i must admit that we're lack about 100 years from them (???)

Now the matter is a big WHY...why we're so left behind?? why can't we do it like them?? why can't we create our own masterpiece?? i got a few reason here :

  1. Budaya terikut-ikut - yes it's true my friends...we're soooo crazy bout ikut2 orang...follow golongan purist yang seboleh2 tak nak muzik tu evolve...nk kekalkan originality lah konon...tak kire lah mainstream, underground,or tradisional...terlampau nk mintak approval drpd orang2 otai dluh b4 buat sumthin...golongan yg melampau ni la yang membantutkan evolusi muzik tu seniri...kalian setuju?
  2. Budaya tangguk - x dinafikan...aku tangguk kat kat universiti (hehehe)....but when it comes to music...aku nampak orang kite menangguk tak hengat!! see...if somebody or some bands out there main muzik same cam certain2 bands...let's say...macam Nirvana la...sume orang sanjung...sume orang ckp "Ini la Nirvana Malaysia!" bile ade band yg ubah sket muzik Grunge tuh ke level yg lebih tinggi...orang akan cakap "Ini Nirvana tak jadi!!"'s the same wif nowadays Indon-Fever...sume orang dah jadi bodo....asal band Indon je...tros jalaannn....kasi tabik baeekk punya.....i must admit dat ade band Indon yang btul2 bagus macam Dewa19 n Padi...but some of them are just RUBBISH!!! actually diorang pun copycat gak....try study sket pasal muzik diorang ngan band2 old-school dulu from US or Europe....mesti ade nampak kesamaan yang ketara
Dulu kalo x silap aku M.Nasir pnah kutuk artis2 yg perform kat Juara Lagu (in this one particular year) buat persembahan yang primitif...lalu mcm biase...sume org melenting x hengat!! tp bile dipikirkan balik...btul gak ape yg M.Nasir cakap...mmg primitif...dok dalam gua seniri...tanak kuar...tanak explore...tanak evolve

Why don't we change a lil bit?? Why don't we start to make our own trademarks?? Kenapa kite xleh appreciate local music kite seniri?? Dalam hal nih aku blh jadikan Butterfingers sbg contoh....they came from Grunge image...Grunge music...then slowly they evolve n now on their 5th studio album, they started experimenting with Malay lyrics but in various arrangement. Actually they already did it since their 1st album. Songs like Royal Jelly (the violin intro), Chrome (the 'sempoi' gitar version of Ikan Kekek)...then in Transcendence they did it again wif the song Epitome (taken from Ketipang Payung)...n after that came Malayneum, the song Malayneum itself has very very high Malay flavour in it! That's how we gonna work it out...Butterfingers has set the standard...they know Grunge well before others know it (people always refer Grunge as Nirvana n not more than that...they are bloody wrong!!).....i'll write bout Grunge next time...heheheh

That's all for now, kasi banyak2 pun x guna. Try la digest one by one, Al-Quran pun turun ayat demi ayat kan??

Peace, Love, Empathy

Monday, November 13, 2006

Intro Arpeggio

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahiwabarakatuh, praise be to Allah...Alhamdulillah i've created one of my own...a place to put another piece of's been a while since i've stopped writing (checkout my previous blog on 22 posts there) from now i think i'll be writing here...pindah,hijrah...

The exam is over...the war is least for now. At last i hav a chance to breath new air again...bangun pagi n makan nasik bungkus...then sitting here doing nothing...which makes me think "hmm...why not start to write again" here i am...

Sekadar ini sahaja dahulu, jumpa lagi...