Tuesday, April 17, 2007


"Pre-Engineer Season". Yups! It's industrial training period for me commencing from yesterday (160407) til 060707...it's day 2 today and i'm sitting on my boss' chair, using his computer to type this blog...everybody's out to the President's new high-end house (it's for real!!)....not much to do but i hope there'll be something for me to write n present when this period ends...better late than never though.

It's still early for me to get back into my musical enthusiasm again since works are just started...tomorrow there'll be GEMA at MMU Cyberjaya and i heard Butterfingers will be the guest band (most of my posts ade name Butterfingers kan?? hahahah)...mayb next week i'll unwrap my guitar and start running my fingers on its fretboard again...it's been a while since i last played her (HER??!!)...hahahaha....i miss those days anyway...when we could all gathered and play our own guitars in circle....those were the the glorious days...salute to all my bandmates whom i played with throughout these years and for those who still sharing the journey with me...let's make a real blast someday!!