Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rock The World 7

Peace be upon you and hello...

Rock The World 7 has just finished...3 stages in one stadium...50 performances...and about 30,000 (or more) crowds!! it was the biggest concert ever done!! music lovers from all over country came down to Stadium Merdeka yesterday for the sake of music, for the sake of entertainment, for the sake of being so bored back home....whatever it is...Rock The World 7 was seriously a blast!!

I can't give you a a complete report about all the bands yesterday coz there are 3 stages and i can only be at one place at one time. But briefly, it started around 3.30pm, i was at the main stage watching Tempered Mental and in the middle of the show i moved to Indie Stage and watch Y2K there. It's just like that, moving here and there. At last i get to watch performing at Rock The World. I still remember when i first met them, i asked Ajin (Guitarist) "Apsal x main kat rock the world?"...and he said "Tu la..blom sampai mase lg kot"....hahahaha...and it all paid yesterday. KUDOS to Brainhead!! Others most awaited act was Infectious Maggots and Koffin Kanser. It's been so long since i watch Koffin Kanser performing live. And i never watch Infectious Maggots before, i only read bout them back when i was at secondary school...and truly...they just like what i read...a very tight hardcore set!! double-pedal cam peluru!!

The sound system...hmm...i would say the best was at Indie all mixed well. The Main Stage had the most poor sound system. I don't know why but there was like a soft barrier that wrap the sound from coming out. So sad when Love Me Butch had to play with such sound...Meng's guitar dengar sket2 je!! Not enough energy to boost la!! But anyway...i entered the mosh-pit when LMB's playing and Kapal raised me up to the air...let me sit on his shoulder so i was like on top of the world!! hahahaha thanx dude!! Even there were 3 performances on the same time, the sound didn't mix with each other, so if you're at the Discovery Stage, you won't hear other stages' sound when you have a band performing right in front of u.

The magic about RTW is that even if you go there all alone, u might meet someone that u know!! Seriously dude...i've been to Rock The World for years and i met lots of people, and we still know each other till now. But it's not like fren-fren things la. It's just for the sake of music! hahaha...oh yea i met Emmett (Butterfingers), he went there all alone without Terrina, and we gave flyers to the crowd. Rock The World is definitely the benchmark when it comes to local music scene. People gathered just for the sake of music. Don't care if you're metalheads, punkheads, skankin, raggamufins, skinheads...we're all bonded together...No Boundaries! Under One Flag We Stand!!

I would like to express my heartful gratitudes to all the bands and organizer for such a wonderful event. A big THANK YOU to Matlut for picking me up at KL Sentral, to Kapal for his hospitality, to Evert and all UNITEN students for being there, to Jalal, Jeri, Pok Chat for being there also, to Sabti, Peja and his gf for accompanying me a lot throughout the concert, to all the music lovers for taking part and share our passion together, and lastly, to all of u who read this blog...heheheh...UNITE!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Assalamualaikum....and good's 0827hr and i've already wake up....waiting for my class at 1100.

First thing first...about the hottest film in town now...CINTA....i've watched it 2 times....on sunday 10 Dec and tuesday 12 Dec...komen??.....hmmmm.....i dare not to giv any comments la coz u can see it for yourself kan....betapa movie tu dpt sambutan...everyday sure ramai gile or SOLD OUT!! so??? for those yang x tgk lg tuh...what r u waiting for?? pergi lah menonton bersama yang tersayang....x kesah la makwe, pakwe, member2, adik, kakak, abang, adik ipar, ex-gf, ex-bf, long lost love, mak, bapak, atuk, nenek, sume bole!!! hahhahahhah...seriusli worth it!!

Thanx to Beha for spending ur time wif me on 12 was a perfect day!
Thanx to Kema, Intan, Kumei for ur time on 10 Dec...
Thanx to Azam sbb bagi pinjam keta...serius beb i owe u big one!!

Here's a latest buzz for u all....kpd semua peminat BUTTERFINGERS...nantikan kemunculan mereka pada 6 Januari 2007 utk sesi unplugged....dan 13 Januari 2007 utk Butter Worth Pushful Showcase....lokasi dan maklumat2 lain tu akan diberitahu be prepared!!

Rock The World 7 is just around the corner...lagi 3 hari i'll be reviewing about the event in my next post here....til then...bye!

"Kalau kita nak....mesti ada cara kan?"
Petikan daripada filem CINTA