Tuesday, March 13, 2007


yea i know i've been away for about 2 months...away without leaving any words here...the truth is i've been busy (and i know it's a lame excuse) but it's true anyway...so i'll try to summarize everything in this post
  • Muse World Tour - the big band was here in KL!! went to stadium negara with nard, cha n along...n we sat together with garseng, jj, mio, mad, gaza....ramai la!!! it was really a blast!! they got everything from showmanship, lighting, sound system, crowds, the atmosphere...the best of everything was mixed well in nearly 2 hours of continuous music!!
  • Uniten Relief Team to Batu Pahat - yups..i've been chosen as one of the commitee member for Uniten Relief Team...we went to Batu Pahat on 10-11 February 2007...about 120 students were involved in this charity program to help the flood victims in Batu Pahat in collaboration with Rakan Muda and Kementerian Belia dan Sukan...and tell u what...it was a damn tiring program!!! i designed everything from posters, flyers and even the tags...butAlhamdulillah everything went well...KUDOS to us!!
  • The Otherside Of Uniten ; A Photography and Short Film Competition - the photography unit (currently known as Uniten Shutters) had came out with what i should call 'a big-break for our existence' when we started this competition...it was really nice to see what engineering and IT students could do when it comes to creativity and arts...u all should watch the winning short film...damn nice!! I'd like to say a heartiest THANK YOU and CONGRATZ to Uniten Shutters...next sem kita merdeka!!!
  • ASTENA JammFest '07 - Anak Seni Tenaga Nasional (ASTENA) once again organized this event...my band was chosen as one of the top 13 bands to compete in the final...but we didn't won (again!!)....but its ok anyway...at least we tried and talk to what we considered as 'political bulshits'....and all the bulshitters were there...and we smack them on the head!! hahahahaha....if u r one of the audience for jammfest....u should know who they are (clue : ko ingat ko rockstar sangat??!!!)
that's all for now kot....diriku teramat sewel sekarang....i badly miss someone...but i think i shouldn't.....but i really do.....but i'm sooo bz....n my lecturer keep giving tasks like we're a superficial-being with robotic-heart...which means....we're DEAD! bye

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nadiah said...

i know who exactly u're missing. Just do what ur heart tells u to do la wei..