Sunday, January 7, 2007

Butters & Friends : The Warm-up Session

It was Saturday and everybody was rushing to Zouk KL for the first time; full line-up performance by Butterfingers since early 2005!! I was asked by UGLY to shoot the video with other 2-3 cameraman (and a woman also).

The show started at about 3.30pm with 18SGG as the opening band. Not much to say about this band coz i was at the entrance that time (tgh tolong Tajul jaga pintu). After 18SGG was Prana and...well...if you ever heard their new better judge 'em yourself la kan?? (hahahaha)...after that was Seven Collar T-Shirt and what else could i say about them..Duan's vocal is hard to beat...Ham's creative effects lead SCTS to another dimension...then came Love Me Butch...the crowd suddenly gone wild and i got to watch them from the VIP section...hahahaha...have to get ready for the main act...BUTTERFINGERS!!!

Just after LMB finished, Emmett got up on stage and the crowd suddenly gone "Waaaarrrghhh!! Emmett!!! Arrrghhh!!!"...hahahah gile la diorang nih...i searched for the best angle to shoot the video but sadly the front stage area was packed already!! then i decided to sit on the stage, in front of Emmett i was in the middle between raging crowds n him...n for God sake i had a back pain today coz the crowd keep pushing me for the whole Butterfingers set!!! Hopefully next week i'll get a better angle. Then after the show we all just lepak outside Zouk then move on to Pelita Nasi Kandar (nearby KLCC) to eat n do some post-mortem. Me, all the RoyalButterfingers crews, Emmett n his wife Terrina.

Here's the setlist for last night:
The Chemistry (Between Us)
Garden City of Lights
Girl Friday
Words vs Wisdom
M E (encore)
Floating in a Vacuum (encore)

Trivia :
  • Loque bought a new guitar...Squier Telecaster (he said cheap only..made in China...bleh caya ka?)
  • Kadak's most memorable phrase "Ape cerit?" (i didn't miss the 'a''s truly 'cerit')....hahahahahah
  • Seven Collar T-Shirt's new album will be out maybe this year (source from Duan himself)
  • Emmett's Epiphone guitar was broke down before the set started so he borrowed Ham's (SCTS) Telecaster
  • Still remember Loque playing his acoustic guitar at Rock The World 4?? That is Martin guitar!!! If any of you don't know what it is...i'll tell you...briefly...Martin acoustic guitar would cost around RM10k or my hook?
that's all...see u next Saturday, same time, same place, for the Butter Worth Pushful 10th Annyversary Showcase...the set will be longer n better!! trust me!!

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